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About Living WELL Aware

What is Living WELL Aware™?

Living WELL Aware™ (LWA) is a medically accurate wellness educational program founded and directed by Patricia J. Sulak, MD.  LWA energizes members to soar to a greater level of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being by delivering the best in wellness.

In a truly distinctive fashion, LWA delivers revolutionary health information, implementation, and inspiration to move participants on a path of improved quality of life and longevity.  Patricia J. Sulak, MD is a nationally recognized award winning speaker, practicing physician and medical school professor, and an internationally renowned researcher.  She and her husband Jeffrey A. Waxman, MD and other healthcare speakers present not only the scientific data on health, but share personal stories of their pursuit, struggles, and success in implementing all facets of wellness, providing the impetus to inspire audiences to make necessary changes.

LWA is matchless in its program content.  The usual wellness program focuses on physical health. LWA takes the concept of wellness to a higher level, adding components addressing emotional, social, and spiritual health.  It’s easy to see why participants in a typical wellness program without these elements have difficulties in implementing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The critical framework of emotional and spiritual health is not adequately addressed.  For that reason, LWA includes all aspects of health to include relationships, contribution, time and financial management, forgiveness, purpose, and social connections.  While not promoting any specific religion or spiritual philosophy, the importance of connecting with one’s inner self, and for most, a higher power, is included.  This holistic approach to wellness is receiving rave reviews from diverse audiences throughout the country.

Information, Implementation, and Inspiration.
LWA includes scientifically proven INFORMATION to decrease death and disability, while focusing on IMPLEMENTATION of the information through demonstrated skills and techniques, along with the INSPIRATION to motivate and energize attendees to get to the next level of health and happiness.

LWA presents the most up-to-date, scientifically validated medical information on proven lifestyle habits that can dramatically decrease one’s odds of dying or becoming disabled.  Published medical studies are utilized to convey to participants how they can reduce their susceptibility to numerous health problems including heart attacks, strokes, cancer, dementia, stomach and bowel disorders, muscle and joint problems, emotional disorders, and other medical conditions.   Drs. Sulak and Waxman continually review the latest in recent medical publications, delivering the information in a format easily understood by adults of all educational levels.  They delineate the numerous health problems today that are caused by our unhealthy habits.  Sedentary lifestyle, dietary indiscretion, substance abuse and other addictions, and emotional difficulties are now the most common causes of disability and death.

With all LWA components, the question of “What Is Healthy?” is answered, backed by the best in medical information.  Too often, consumers are being sold “quick fixes” and “miracle cures” with supplements, surgeries, massive exercise programs, and unproven diets.   With the many “health” promotions that constantly bombard us in the media, it’s important to know what has been proven to elevate our health status and what has been proven to be harmful.  LWA answers these important questions.  We can’t get healthier if we don’t have the FACTS on proven ways to get us there.  Through Dr. Sulak’s book Should I Fire My Doctor? and workbook Living WELL Aware:  Eleven Essential Elements to Health and Happiness, along with keynote addresses, workshops, conferences, newsletters, and webinars, LWA has the components to inform participants in an ongoing fashion on What IS Healthy.

Once we know the key elements to leading a life of health and happiness, it’s important to know how to incorporate them into our individual daily lives.  LWA attendees are challenged to look at where they are now and where they would like to be in the future regarding their physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  Sequentially delivered throughout the year, the varied components of LWA focus on the many ways to incorporate healthy habits into our lives in a doable fashion.  From tips to healthy eating to making movement mandatory to decreasing harmful stress, to the importance of purpose, contribution, and forgiveness, participants have a blueprint to get to a higher level of health and happiness.

The importance of being an educated patient and taking ownership of one’s health is continually emphasized.  A worksheet to help Partner with Your Provider is included, enabling everyone to better understand where they are on the health spectrum and how to communicate with their healthcare providers on maximizing their health status.  Seeking and securing support is promoted throughout the program.  Having accountability partners and establishing an LWA group is encouraged.  Change is possible, and LWA can provide the path.

While providing the best in health information and implementation, LWA also stimulates everyone to take the information learned and immediately begin to incorporate it into their life.  Through dynamic, motivating healthcare speakers who are living testimony of the information presented at LWA along with success stories of patients and attendees who have turned their health around simply by changing their habits of harm to habits of health, LWA presentations and materials are known for consistently creating an upbeat, dynamic atmosphere that can provide the impetus for permanent change to a better you.

Who is Patricia J. Sulak, MD?

Dr. Sulak is an award-winning, internationally recognized physician, researcher, professor, and speaker.  Throughout her medical career she has taken on difficult, diverse, and oftentimes controversial medical issues in a successful, unique fashion.   She received the “Heroes for Children” award from the Texas State Board of Education and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology “Community Service Award” for her research and implementation of a sexual health curriculum in Texas schools.  Her adolescent wellness and sexual health program is one of the most commonly utilized in Texas school districts today.  She also pioneered innovative research to manage women’s menstrual disorders and is asked to speak internationally on the regimen she developed to successfully approach common female hormonal disorders.

Dr. Sulak is a gifted, entertaining, award-winning educator and speaker.  She was given the “Outstanding Clinical Instructor” award by the Texas A&M medical students and consistently receives the very highest speaker ratings at medical institutions, businesses, schools, and organizations.  She was recognized for all of these accomplishments when named a Distinguished Alumnus of the University of Texas School of Medicine in San Antonio in 2006.  She continues to be included in “Best Doctors in America” and “Texas Super Docs”.

Continuing her trend in taking on complex medical issues, Dr. Sulak’s current passion is wellness.  As a practicing physician, she directly experiences and understands the increasingly self-induced nature of today’s most common causes of death and disability.   The well documented and scientifically confirmed rising rates of obesity, alcohol and drug abuse, emotional disorders, suicide, and resultant death rates have fueled her desires to take on this problem of epidemic proportions.  In an approach similar to her other successful research and educational endeavors, she has developed a multi-faceted approach to wellness.  The response to her methodology has been overwhelmingly positive.  Her presentations, books, and other LWA elements are improving the lives of participants.  Having created a holistic message of wellness that is receiving accolades throughout the country and numerous speaking requests, her current goal is to take LWA to larger groups with implementation of varied components over extended periods with outcome measures in place.   Through countless individual and group endorsements and successes, Dr. Sulak has confirmed that LWA is making a difference in lives.  With her research background, her desire is to work with organizations, businesses, and schools to implement LWA and document their success.

A Comprehensive Wellness Message
LWA endorses an all-inclusive message of complete health by incorporating the Living WELL Aware: Eleven Essential Elements to Health and Happiness.   Through live presentations, webinars, her book and workbook, newsletters, and other components, Dr. Sulak, Dr. Waxman, and a team of professionals deliver a wellness message that enables participants to look at their lives in a totally new light.  Packed with the latest factual wellness information, implementation strategies, and the best in inspiration, attendees will be on a path of greater health and happiness by Living WELL Aware.

‚ÄčDr. Sulak and Spouse

The Journey
Living WELL Aware became reality through the encouragement of Dr Sulak’s husband of 38 years, Jeffrey A. Waxman, M.D. In April 2008, Jeff signed up for a wellness conference and told Patsy that he signed her up also – – much to her discontent at the time. They were both so impressed, they attended more conferences focusing on healthy lifestyles, as they were now learning information not included in medical school or residency. They began focusing on their own wellness: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This resulted in their professional and personal lives reaching heights never imagined – – including their marriage.

They began conducting LWA conferences together, outlining the eleven essential elements to health and happiness that they were incorporating successfully into their own lives. Dr. Waxman inspired Patsy to write a book on the essential elements and their journey. Through his support and encouragement, Dr. Sulak wrote Should I Fire My Doctor? Eleven Essential Elements to Living WELL Aware. In addition to his very busy practice in Pediatric Urology, Dr. Waxman frequently speaks at LWA conferences on “Change is Possible”, outlining 6 areas of his life where he has made dramatic improvements by changing his thinking and habits.