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Living WELL Aware Adolescent Wellness Program



The Baylor Scott & White Health Adolescent Wellness & Sexual Health Program is now Living WELL Aware: My Choices, My Life.  Patricia J. Sulak, MD, founder and director of the original sex education program at Scott & White (previously Scott & White Worth the Wait) since 1996 will continue as director.  She is also the founder and director of the adult wellness program Living WELL Aware LLC.  The adolescent health program will now be a division of her adult wellness program.



We are excited to announce our brand new curriculum is ENTIRELY ONLINE!


Vital Info

We wanted the students to hear from inspiring presenters who are enthusiastic about the topic.  For the videos in each lesson, we gathered a group of talented speakers composed of teachers – many of whom have taught adolescent health for years – and also healthcare professionals who are passionate about adolescent health.  We bring motivational, knowledgeable speakers to the classroom and into homes and schools via video presentations.  There are inspiring, instructional videos for students and adults included with every lesson.



There’s also a video for adults that accompanies each lesson.  It includes information not only covered in class but also incorporates additional information on wellness NOT included in the adolescent component.  All parents and school staff at participating schools along with any interested individuals in the community will have access to these free videos on our website.  We also encourage school nurses, counselors, and others to view the videos.  We understand the importance of their involvement in the well-being of each student.

As is quite apparent, this distinctive program has components not only for students, but also their parents or other guardians, AND teachers and other school employees.