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Living WELL Aware 2024: A Life-Changing Journey Into Wellness


Living WELL Aware 2024

A Life-Changing Journey Into Optimal Wellness

Patricia Sulak, MD & Jeffrey Waxman, MD

It’s Simply the BEST- NOTHING comparable!  GROUP Discounts!

Whether you’re in the best health ever or have fallen off the wellness wagon big time, THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU!  We are excited to share NEW information and strategies that have greatly elevated our well-being and that will take YOUR life to the next level of greatness.  

LWA 2024: Our biggest and best ever!  We will have LIVE webinars throughout the year and an online course. There is also a virtual book/article review club covering the latest on wellness strategies and new discoveries.  Don’t be overwhelmed!  This program is easily incorporated into the busiest of schedules, offering multiple components rolled out over several months that are life-changing but NOT time-consuming.  Folks, this is easily doable! You’re worth it!

LWA 2024 TOPICS will include:

  • Health Update – Lifespan and healthspan are declining.  What causes us to age?
  • Designing Our Dream Destination:  The 4 questions critical to a life-changing wellness journey.
  • Elevating Emotional Well-Being - The Ruler of our Life: Think, feel, and act at a higher level.
  • Strategies to Making Lasting Changes a Reality:  Learn the success formulas.  They work! 
  • Nutrition: Healthiest foods, prepping/cooking, types of fasting, the microbiome, autophagy.
  • Inflammation: What is it?  How do we lower this disease-causing process? 
  • Stem Cell Therapies: Fact, Fraud, and the Future!
  • Neuroplasticity: Creating new circuits for improved thinking and living – at any age! 
  • Meditation: What it is, what it isn’t, the benefits, how to get started.
  • Keys to Slow Aging and Increase Longevity: Proven Strategies. 
  • Whole Body Fitness: You can reduce aches/pains/injuries! 
  • Sleep, Supplements, Hot/Cold Therapies, AND many other important issues.  

LWA 2024 is truly unique and applicable to adults of all ages, covering all aspects of well-being: physical, emotional, social, financial, spiritual. Travel with 2 physicians passionate about their own wellness and YOURS! The journey starts May 13 with a LIVE webinar and will include the following (with RECORDINGS of ALL components available throughout 2024 to view at your convenience):

  • LIVE 30-minute webinars on Zoom approx. twice a month. 
  • ONLINE video course beginning June, content completion in Sept, accessible until Jan 2025.
  • Wellness newsletters with tips/hot topics for registrants. 
  • A Virtual Book/Article Review Club:  We “Read and Review for YOU” the hottest publications!
  • Recordings of demos on food prep/cooking, meditations, fitness
  • Travel with the Docs!  Through live webinars, Q&As, and numerous other components, we keep registrants engaged, accountable, and on track.  No other wellness program offers this!  

DON’T MISS OUT!  SAVE MONEY and TIME.  The program is packed with transformative strategies to help you STOP wasting money and time on products and activities that are harmful to your health. 

REGISTER NOW!  FEE for Live Webinars, Online Course, Newsletters, and Book/Article Reviews): ONLY $249 Yep, that’s it! SHARE NOW with family/friends/coworkers.  Register at or check or Venmo by contacting Gabe Waxman at You will receive Zoom links to LIVE webinars in advance of each session and will be assigned a username and password to access the recordings of the LIVE webinars and the online course beginning June. 

DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE FOR GROUPS OF 5 OR MORE!  Get your friends/family, workplace, organization, school on board with you.  It’s more effective and fun!  Contact Gabe for discount info.   JOIN US on this life-changing journey to Living WELL Aware!