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Newsletter January 2022


Living WELL Aware

Monthly Message for JANUARY 2022


2022: New Year, New Beginnings 


Hello Seekers of Greater Wellness!


First off, here’s the link to Drs. Sulak and Waxman’s webinar on MAKING LASTING CHANGES in 2022.   Get ready to be informed and inspired. 


It’s a New Year and a great time for New Beginnings.  2021 was filled with challenges, including an ice and snow storm that shut down Texas and many other states.  Most of us were not prepared for “SNOVID.”   Isn’t that true of many things – we were not prepared.  Our life is like the WEATHER.   There are calm, crisp, sunny days throughout the year. Then there are those days with thunderstorms or tornadoes or hurricanes or snow storms that wreak havoc.  Our life is like the weather when a squall hits us by surprise - we receive an unfavorable medical report or experience an accident; or we are challenged with a difficult relationship or family situation.


Think about this. I know a father who takes a different approach to discussing the weather with his young son. Every time it rains and the sky is gray, he tells his little boy, "It's a great day!" He tells his son the same thing when the sun is shining. Can you imagine looking at every single day as a joyful event, rather than perceiving some days as "good" and some days as "bad?" After all, our judgments about the weather are only our opinions, right?  The same is true of all life events.


When I was 14 years old, I remember the tornado that came through our farm in Osceola, Texas.  It was bad.  I had never heard such loud noise with the eery sounds of objects crashing into our house. The next morning, we saw all the damage.  The barn, shed, silo, trailers – all gone.  Our house was damaged, but it withstood the storm.  A friend who lived nearby came over to check on us.  He told my Dad he had only minimal damage and was “lucky” compared to us.  I remember my dad replying, “We are lucky.  We are all O.K.”  He looked at the gift of us surviving this storm and the opportunities in rebuilding.  The tornado had passed.  He was focused on the present. 


My parents were amazing examples of how we weather the storms of life.  They had to deal with the death of my brother, crop failures, and the numerous challenges of raising 7 kids – who didn’t always live up to their expectations and “do the right thing.”  I want to be that example for my kids, grandkids, friends, and patients.  Weather happens.  Life happens.  Weather the storms of life.


It’s January 2022.  This is a great time for all of us to STOP - - turn everything off for a few minutes and pay a visit to the weather of our life.  We can contemplate (with no B S – Blame / Shame) all the events that are coming and going, like the weather.  Just like the weather “passes”, we need to let go of past events so we can enjoy today.  


It may be cold and rainy tomorrow, but don’t let it keep you from having a joyous day filled with gratitude.  Tomorrow may also bring unexpected, unwanted events or ongoing challenges.  Despite them, we can choose to look at the opportunities they present to make us better and to help others.   There is always something we can do to make a situation better.  The quality of our lives depends on how we “weather” life’s events that are coming and going.  Be Prepared.  Don’t let the thunderous events startle you.  Storms will come - - and go.  The goal for 2022:  Elevate all aspects of our well-being so we can experience the inner calm during the worst of life’s stormy challenges.  We have to believe it’s possible.  2022 is here.  Bring it on!  That’s what Living WELL Aware is all about!


Calmly Weather the Storms in 2022.  Be Prepared for Life’s Challenges! Travel with us by participating in Living WELL Aware 2022.  The Journey Begins Tuesday January 11.  Registration is now available. 


THANKS to the Temple Community Clinic for having us as speakers to kick off 2022 with the important topic of Keys to MAKING LASTING CHANGES in 2022.  This webinar is a game changer.  ENJOY!


THANKS to all the LWA 2021 Participants who have signed up for LWA 2022.  The outcomes speak for themselves.  


THANKS to Shiner ISD for investing in wellness and having me speak this week to your wonderful employees.  And, congrats on another State Football Championship!


THANKS to all the businesses, organizations, and school districts who have allowed us to speak to your members during 2021.  We look forward to continuing to work with you in 2022.  ONWARD!