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Newsletter November 2021





Hello Seekers of Greater Wellness!

Is there an area of your life you would like to improve?  I’m thinking the answer is “YES” for all of us.  We should never be “done” with elevating some aspect of our lives.  What can keep us from making the necessary changes?  Maybe we don’t have a quality plan.  It could be we can’t change our identity – see ourselves differently as this new person.   Or maybe we find it impossible because we are in a negative emotional state – a state NOT conducive to taking on life’s challenges.  Sometimes, the problem is the lack of a big enough, well-defined WHY!   As I delineate  in my wellness journal My Journey to Living WELL Aware, there are 6 Keys to Succeed in making long-lasting changes: Envision, Believe, Own, Plan, Partner, Invest.  The first and foremost is Envision.  That’s your WHY.  Why did Dr. Waxman and I pursue wellness and subsequently develop a holistic wellness program?  Why did I leave a lucrative medical career which included speaking all over the world on my research?  Why is Jeff cutting back his hours as a surgeon to personally and professionally focus on wellness?  


We had to have a WHY, and we had to ENVISION that WHY.  We saw a world getting unhealthier and unhappier, and importantly, we saw ourselves leading a suboptimal lifestyle with the resultant consequences – which we knew would only accelerate with age.  Now was the time to UP OUR GAME, not slow down.  We had to have a vision of the amazing life we were capable of achieving and a path to get there – a path not only for us, but for our patients, friends and anyone who wanted the same.  We had a WHY.  We had to look at life differently to make it happen.


We envisioned a better life, a better way, with doable strategies for us and others.  Once you have your WHY, you have to truly BELIEVE that it is possible.  You have to OWN that belief and be open to doing whatever it takes to make it happen.  You have to be committed, not just interested.  Then you can formulate your PLAN to get there.  It requires we PARTNER with those we trust to help us, and INVEST what it takes to make it a reality.  


I have heard from so many of you this year as you continually focus on improving aspects of your well-being.  You have shared the successes, the challenges, and yes, the struggles.  A friend of my mine who wrestled for years with significant health issues has made 2021 her year of dramatic changes.  She clearly saw her WHYs – why she needed to turn her life around to have the life of her dreams and avoid the continued downward spiral she was in.  She is now laser-focused on her WHYs – her destination, her vision.  She is committed – it’s not an “option” for her to do otherwise.   As she often states: “I have to trust the process.”  She started with what Dr. Waxman refers to as “baby steps” which turned into giant leaps over the days, months, and year.  She knew it wasn’t going to happen over night.  She has to stay the course.  


There are many quotes centered around the difficulty, the pain of making lasting changes to improve our lives.  REALLY?  Here’s the bottom line:  NOTHING is as painful as staying stuck where we do not belong – physically, emotionally, socially, financially and / or spiritually.  Being stuck is painful!  Really painful. Making even small changes and celebrating those successes is liberating.  It leads to more successes.  We begin to have faith that the process works. What are your WHYs?  Write them down - now.  It all starts there.  It’s a process.  Continue on this wellness journey with us in 2021 and into 2022.  NEVER GIVE UP.  It’s about Living WELL Aware!  ONWARD!


THANKS to the many school districts, organizations and businesses who are investing in wellness for students and employees.  You have a WHY and can clearly envision a healthier and happier future.  I’m looking forward to partnering with you now and into 2022 to elevate the well-being of those you support. It’s WHY Living WELL Aware exists.  It’s what we do.  The Best to You!


THANKS to the participants of LWA 2021 Group 1, LWA 2021 Group 2, and the current LWA Group 3 which is now in Session 8 of the 13 weekly wellness webinars.  Let’s end this year on a positive note and celebrate our desire to elevate the quality of our lives and those we encounter. ONWARD!


WANT DRS. SULAK AND WAXMAN TO CONDUCT THE WEEKLY WEBINAR SERIES VIA ZOOM FOR YOUR BUSINESS / ORGANIZATION? It’s a game changer!  Here are comments from prior attendees:  LINK TO TESTIMONIALS. Contact us at to learn how we can help your group.