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Newsletter October 2021


Hello Seekers of Greater Wellness!

WHY do we think, feel and act in certain ways?  If a wanted event happens, we may be happy.  If someone says something with which we disagree, we may be upset, even angry.  We may relive a past event and feel depressed.  We can find ourselves eating foods we know are not on the Living WELL Aware low glycemic, anti-inflammatory list or eating more than our body obviously needs.  Why do we purchase certain items – often unneeded, definitely not essential?  Why do we display most of our daily emotions and behaviors?  We have been PROGRAMMED!

Yep!  Our conscious mind has constantly been fed information since we were babies.  We have observed family, friends, neighbors, teachers, and others react to certain situations, behave in certain ways.  We emulate these behaviors, knowingly or unknowingly.  In the past few decades, we have an increasing number of ways to observe people:  24/7 TV and internet, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, podcasts.  We are being bombarded with even greater amounts of information from an ever increasing number of sources – IF we allow ourselves to do so.

For those pursuing a life of greater well-BEing (i.e. everyone reading this newsletter), I can’t think of anything more important than prioritizing what you choose to view, read, and listen to.  Your conscious mind is continually observing all your encounters throughout the day.  It programs your subconscious mind to act automatically.  That’s the way it works!  The question for all of us:  What are we choosing to let into our mind?  Who are we choosing to listen to?  We DO have a choice as to whether we spend hours a week watching TV news and other programming, viewing social media outlets and the internet, or listening to podcasts by celebrities and “experts” telling us what to do.  Seriously!  

WHO are you allowing to program your life?  We can ALL up our game in this endeavor.  We have to realize that the vast majority of information you and I are exposed to is NOT in our best interest.  People are trying to sell us all kinds of stuff:  opinions and products.  The problem:  It’s not like information published in such medical journals as the New England Journal of Medicine, the Journal of the American Medical Association, or Scientific American which have to go through a rigorous peer-reviewed process to get published.  People can put anything on TV, podcasts, or social media without any verification of authenticity or accuracy.  And they know how to effectively do it, very convincingly.  We can “buy” into their ideas and products, often with disastrous consequences of depression, diabetes and other diseases, disability, debt, and even death.

The Good News!  Our mind is amazing.  Through neurogenesis (creation of new brain cells), neuroplasticity (rewiring of our brain cells), and epigenetics (altering the function of our genes especially through lifestyle choices), we can reprogram our emotions and behaviors to work for greater health and happiness, not greater unhealthiness and unhappiness.  This stuff works!  

Think about all your souces of information – right now.  What do you view, listen to, read?  What products are you being sold?  Are they leading to greater well-being: physically, emotionally, socially, financially, and or spiritually?  What opinions are you being sold?  Are they true?  Are you absolutely sure?  Question everything.  Retain what is good.  (Email me if you know where I got that phrase – without having to Google it to find out!) It’s all about Living WELL Aware.  ONWARD! 

THANKS to the many teachers and administrators from several school districts and organizations who attended my virtual LWA Wellness Training last week.  Thanks for utilizing our new innovative easy-to-implement adolescent wellness program: Living WELL Aware: My Choices, My Life – The Guide to Adolescent Health.  Let’s help program our youth for a life of health and happiness.   For information, check out the Adolescent section of our new website and view the brief  WELCOME video and the Why Choose Our Program video.  Thanks to the many schools and organizations throughout Texas and beyond who will be implementing this school year.  Thanks to Killeen ISD for being the latest school district to come on board!  For information, contact us at


THANKS to McLane Company for having me speak to managers across the country next month on stress management.  Get ready for an enlightening, informative presentation on how we can all implement strategies to improve our emotional well-being.


LWA 2021 Group 3 Webinar Series.  Webinar #4 of 13 is Monday October 18 at 6:30pm.  Get ready for our discussion on the Microbiome: The Gut Rules!


DOES YOUR BUSINESS, ORGANIZATION, SCHOOL NEED A WELLNESS AWAKENING PRESENTATION?  Have Dr. Sulak and Dr. Waxman speak to your group LIVE or via Zoom.   Contact us at