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Newsletter February 2022

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Living WELL Aware

Monthly Message for FEBRUARY 2022





Hello Seekers of Greater Wellness!

It’s February 2022.  Is your year off to a great wellness start?  Are you on track to make this The Year of the New You?  At any point, we can begin to make changes that propel us onto a path of greater well-BEing.  What’s the number one factor that determines our destiny?  It’s our IDENTITY!  Our identity, how we see ourselves, is the POWERFUL force within us that drives our thinking, meanings, feelings, actions, and outcomes.  Once we DEFINE who we are physically, emotionally, socially, financially, spiritually (P E S F S), we find that we NEED to think, feel, and act out that identity.  If we see ourselves as overweight, inadequate, not good enough to be in a great relationship, or depressed, we will act out and BE that identity.  If we see ourselves as a failure or not worthy, we WILL find ways to not be successful.  It really IS the way our brain / body works!  We define who we are and who we are not.  We literally LABEL ourselves, our identity, and our life plays out that way.


Where did we get our identity?  From our beliefs, what we think to be true.  The Problem:  Knowing what is Truth and what is Illusion.  We make this negative stuff up and think it is fact!  Why is it important to question a negative identity?  Our beliefs can create a world of amazing possibilities or destroy us, limit us, or wreak havoc on our lives.  For years (decades) my husband’s story was: “I can’t dance. I’m a nerd.”  He changed his story, and now he’s a ballroom dancer!  He also said: “I can’t give up ice cream.”  Well, this year he’s on track for NO ice cream - - even during the granddaughter’s birthday party!  How is your identity limiting you? Maybe you are saying:  

  • That’s just not me.  I’ve always been overweight.
  • I can’t change my eating. I can’t give up ________ . 
  • I can’t put exercise into my schedule.  
  • I can’t _________ .   I’m not __________ .


The question for all of us:  Is our identity (our story) taking us down a path of greater health and happiness to a life of fulfillment?  I’d like to challenge everyone to UP their identity to elevate their well-BEing and those they encounter.  People are relying on us.  They need to be inspired – by us!


HOW do we improve our identity?  We first have to define ourselves.  WHO AM I?  Describe yourself.  Who am I, and who am I not?  You might say:  “I’m a loving, energetic, uplifting person” or  “I’m frustrated, feel inadequate, have difficulties with …..” or “I’m depressed, worried.”


If you find yourself using negative terms and getting upset, STOP!  Paying a visit to yourself requires courage.  Congratulate yourself for taking steps to be a better YOU - - which most people will never do.  Evaluate your IDENTITY with NO B S (NO BLAME /SHAME).  It’s not your fault!  Understand that we have all been programmed over decades to think and attach meanings to ourselves, others, and events.  We all have been programmed for what I refer to as some sort of S L B S (Self-Limiting Belief System).


The GREAT News!  Our brain’s programs, like our phone and computer software, can be upgraded to serve us better and faster.  It’s called neuroplasticity.  Science has shown we can literally rewire our brain and nervous system to work FOR us, not against us.  When we repetitively change our thinking about WHO we truly are, we change our identity which changes our meanings, feelings, and actions.  It drives what we do.  Our lives are changed.  We remove the S L B S and replace it with a L C B S (Life-Changing B S). 


What are some keys to making this happen?  Getting into a PEAK STATE!  Importantly, our definition of “Who Am I?” can vary depending on our state – physical and emotional.  If I’m having a bad day, the answer to “Who Am I?” won’t be as positive as when I’m in a peak state, full of gratitude and energy.  Our state RULES our life.  This underscores the importance of Living WELL Aware!  It’s about acquiring the best modalities to help us function at a Peak State in all aspects of our lives: P E S F S.  We have to SEE ourselves differently.  We have to SEE others and events differently.


What else can help us create the all-important ideal IDENTITY?  We have to create a fulfilling image of the future.  Whom do we wish to BE?  Dream it.  Feel it.  See it. Write it down!  If we are in a Peak State, it’s easier to dump the old STORY (the S L B S) and replace it with the TRUTH (a L C B S).  Within all of us is an amazing person with the answers to all our problems. 


Here’s the formula:  STAGE For Success = 

Peak STATE + Ideal STORY (Identity) + Effective STRATEGY (Goals/Plans)


DON’T make the most common mistake!  Most think they just need a great strategy.  They find one (for weight loss, fitness, emotional well-being, or financial success), but eventually fail. Why?  They didn’t establish a Peak STATE routine that helped them visualize their TRUE identity (their real STORY).  STATE is first, which helps develop your true STORY, which leads to doable, sustainable STRATEGIES. 


Last Point:  We have to be comfortable with Who We Are.  If I am at PEACE with my identity, my imperfections, my shortcomings (which we all have), no one can touch me!  If someone upsets me, it doesn’t say anything about them and what they said.  It tells something about ME and how I feel about myself.  (NOTE: People are going to be unkind.  They have their own identity issues!  They need our empathy, not our anger.)  When you are at peace with yourself, when you embrace your uniqueness, your life’s journey, it’s a beautiful world - a world of possibilities.  It’s amazing!  You find what others say or do is NOT about you.  YOU are about YOU! You have a choice on how you will think, feel, and act in any situation.  Take the high road.      


For Dr. Waxman and me, it’s a daily routine.  We Set the STAGE for Success by  getting into a Peak STATE every day by working out, doing a daily devotional / Stoic reading, discussing how it applies to our lives, meditating, and visualizing the person we are called to BE (our identity, our STORY).  This helps us accomplish the STRATEGIES to get there.  It works.  It’s a journey we love sharing and traveling with you.  We are NOT done.  You are not done!  


THANKS to the many who are traveling this journey with us, participating in LWA 2022:  Getting Healthier and Happier.  It’s all about Setting a Successful STAGE by establishing a Peak STATE, a compelling STORY (Identity) along with the best STRATEGIES.  We have just begun.  The BEST is yet to come!  Forward this newsletter to your family/friends.


LWA 2022 REVIEW SESSION is Saturday, February 12 at 10:30am.  We will cover the high points presented thus far in LWA 2022.  It’s an ideal time to jump on board if you haven’t registered.  Join us!  LINK TO REGISTRATION.  Next LWA 2022 weekly session is Monday Feb 7 - Topic:  Our Emotional Health


THANKS to all the businesses, organizations, and school districts who have allowed us to speak to your members.  We look forward to continuing to work with you in 2022.  ONWARD!