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April 2022 Newsletter



Living WELL Aware

Monthly Message for APRIL 2022


Dr. Waxman here for the April LWA Newsletter. Who doesn’t want to get healthier and happier?  We ALL do!  Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this.  What’s keeping us from getting to that next level of well-being?  For me, sometimes it’s simply a lack of KNOWLEDGE!  I just didn’t know. I was not AWARE.  I have so many examples of my lack of knowledge awareness and continue to add to The List!

As some of you may know, I used to regard eight hours of sleep as an enterprise for the weak of heart, for wimps who just couldn’t cut it and didn’t have the stamina to press ahead and work long hours, getting tons of stuff done and being more productive than those sleepy sloths!  And then I learned more about the sleep cycle and the fact that most of our REM sleep occurs during the last hours of our sleeping period. REM sleep does not occur at regular intervals over the course of the night.  If I short-change myself and limit my time in bed, I am cutting out that valuable REM sleep where my brain is integrating short-term memories and filing them away, solving complex problems that will help me to learn and grow.  It’s also clearing out the garbage (the toxins) in my brain through activation of glial cells. 


I recognized that my old BS (Belief System) was missing some vital information, and I created a new BS. In other words, I Awakened My Awareness!  I changed my thinking. The result: I modified my evening routine and go to bed earlier.  My Oura Ring confirms that I am getting a much better quality of sleep.


Another example:  I used to think that breakfast was the most important meal.  I NEVER missed that morning feast, usually a breakfast sandwich at the hospital cafeteria.  Then I learned about healthy food consumption and the health benefits of time restricted feeding, commonly referred to as intermittent fasting.  I used to think that carbs are great, and fat is bad.  Dr. Sulak and I looked at the science on healthy food consumption and discovered autophagy, an important topic we discuss frequently in the LWA webinars.  Our body really wants to recycle itself, getting rid of the poorly functioning parts and cells, especially the inflammatory producing adipose (fat) cells and their cytokines!  The Result: I don’t eat breakfast and periodically do several days of a modified fast.  I’m leaner, more muscular, and have more energy now that my food consumption is plant-focused with fasting intervals. I force my body to burn off the bad stuff and recycle it into new, better functioning cells with less inflammation.


While I could list many more, these are just two examples of how a light bulb went off inside my head, and I recognized that what I thought was certainly true was not so after all.  And it got me to thinking… What else do I regard as FACT that is just not so?  The list goes on and on.  That’s what Living WELL Aware is all about!  What is Fact vs Fiction?


Let me challenge you to ask yourself the same question. Is it possible that there are many things of which you are certain, but about which you are dead wrong?  In other words, would your picture of how things are, your version of reality, be a little different if certain gaps in your knowledge were filled?  Do you need to Awaken Your Awareness?


But having the KNOWLEDGE is only part of the battle.  I had to admit I was wrong and have a big enough WHY to change my BS.  My WHY:  I truly desire to be the best version I was created to BE to have the amazing life I desire and deserve, all the while helping others along life’s journey.  As Dr. Sulak often states:  We must dump our SL BS (Self-Limiting BS) and create a LC BS (Life-Changing BS).  THANKS for traveling with us as we all support each other along the way.  Email me your SL BS and your new LC BS.


THANKS to participants of the LWA Webinar Series.  You are rocking it.  And thanks for your continued feedback.  Our last session covered the 12 things we can do to reduce inflammation in our body – the root cause of most diseases.  Next week we will review the science behind SUPPLEMENTS:  Harmful Vs Healthy.  See ya on Zoom!  It’s not too late to register and get on board.  Webinars will continue throughout the year and registration has been reduced for those just now enrolling in the yearlong program.  LINK TO REGISTRATION  If questions, contact Gabe at


THANKS to Ochsner Health in New Orleans for having Dr. Sulak speak next week and to the many school districts who have scheduled LWA wellness presentations this summer during staff development and convocation.  Get ready to Awaken Your Awareness! 


DOES YOUR BUSINESS, ORGANIZATION, SCHOOL NEED A WELLNESS AWAKENING PRESENTATION?  Have Dr. Sulak and Dr. Waxman speak to your group LIVE or via Zoom.  Contact Gabe at