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May 2022 Newsletter



Hello LWA 2022 Seekers of Greater Well-BEing!  


Dr. Waxman here for the LWA May Newsletter with an important message for us all – from the horse-racing world.  OK, I’m not a horse racing fan and have never been to a major stakes race, but after reading about this year’s surprise outcome of the Kentucky Derby, I had to watch. OMG!  Check it out, especially the aerial view.   The come-from-behind victory is something to see.  The winning horse, Rich Strike, had 80-1 odds of winning.  That’s what you call a LONG SHOT!  What can we learn from this incredible feat?  Interviews with the owner and trainer after the race shed additional light on this remarkable story. The saga actually began about six years ago, when lightning at the trainer’s equine center in Kentucky started a fire, killing 23 of his race horses. He could easily have given up after this, but the support of friends encouraged him to start over. This year, Rich Strike’s owner recalls the trainer telling him, "I really think we have something here." He started with a belief that this horse had untapped potential that could make him a champion. The owner trusted his trainer’s feeling.  And he also put trust in his jockey, who had never won a graded stakes race like this before. I love this quote from the owner after the win: “You know, I have never ever felt that life puts a cap on what you can do and nothing you can do to change it. I've never believed that. I always thought, hey, I'm as smart as the next guy. Maybe I can figure it out. Maybe I can’t, but I always kept trying. And here we are.”


How can this be applied to our own lives and our own "races?"  What would we like to accomplish that many, including ourselves, think is a long shot, with little chance of ending in the winner’s circle?  What could we do that would truly be a “come-from-behind life victory” that would elevate not only our well-being, but be an example for those we encounter?  Could it be weight loss, improving muscle strength or another aspect of fitness, a regular meditation program?  Or, how about becoming an example of emotional health, radiating greater positivity, peace, and joy, finding the opportunities and gifts in life’s events?  Maybe you’re like Dr. Sulak and me.  We felt like we were lagging behind in several areas of our life, including our marriage.  There was a lot of untapped potential.  We had to visualize what a winning marriage, what a winning life, looked like and what we each had to do to be victorious in all aspects of our being.   We had to believe in ourselves and each other - - and keep trying.  We had to Seek and Secure Support from those we trusted to make it happen. 


Do you sometimes feel you are in the “back of the pack” in some area of your life – physically not where you want to be, struggling emotionally, socially having difficulties, troubled about finances, or spiritually in a funk?  Why should you put a cap on what you can dream and set out to achieve?  One thing is for sure:  We aren’t going to be victorious if we don’t focus on the finish line - our desired end result of the amazing person we want to BE.  We must BELIEVE it is possible, and importantly, we have to seek help from those who believe in us.  No matter where we are in our lives, even if we are in the back of the pack, let’s make it a priority to move up to the front and cross the finish line in victory, hand in hand with those running the race with us.  That’s Living WELL Aware!


THANKS to all the participants of the LWA 2022 Yearlong Program.  And thanks for sharing your struggles and victories as you work to move up in crossing the finish line.   We will be completing the first half of the yearlong journey next month and still have lots of time to finish victorious.  It’s not too late to join the pack!  Cost has been prorated for those joining us now.  It’s a game changer!  We will also be scheduling Review Sessions throughout the year to get everyone caught up.  For questions, contact Gabe at  


Remember the LWA 2022 Thought of the YEAR:  Take care of yourself as if everything else depends on it – because it does!  


LWA 2022 Yearlong Program MAY Monthly Webinar will be May 17 at 6:30pm.  Topic: Making Healthy Habits Happen.  Dr. Waxman will discuss the key concepts of THE #1 selling book of 2021: Atomic Habits by James Clear.  Join Us!


 We love hearing from you. 



THANKS for traveling with us. 

Patsy and Jeff


Patricia J. Sulak, MD

Jeffrey A. Waxman, MD