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LWA: A Life-Transforming Wellness Experience for Women - Belton, Texas - July 29-31, 2022

LWA Cedarbrake



All Seats Filled!  Stay Tuned For Future Event

Ladies: Want to take your life to a greater level of well-being?  That’s what Living WELL Aware:  A Life Transforming Wellness Experience for Women is all about!

This enlightening immersion into all aspects of wellness will be conducted by Patricia J. Sulak, MD, founder of Living WELL Aware, and a nationally recognized, award-winning practicing physician, medical school professor, researcher, author, and speaker.  She presents throughout the country on her passionate pursuit and amazing success in obtaining a life of greater health, happiness, and vitality by incorporating scientifically proven strategies to increase well-being. Dr. Sulak will be joined by spiritual director Judy Hoelscher (a frequent speaker on mindfulness and inner peace), Lisa Walker (a talented yoga instructor who will help us with movement and stretching throughout the conference - for all levels), and, helping us with strategies for prevention and management of pain issues, physical therapist Tammy Hebert (known by many for her amazing strategies to alleviate aches and pains) will wow us with her knowledge and skills. Don’t miss this truly life-changing event.  It WILL be a game changer for your life!


Topics to be covered:

  • Dumping the IMPOSTER within ALL of Us:  Awareness of Our TRUE Self
  • DISEASE PREVENTION:  Scientifically proven strategies to dramatically reduce heart disease, stroke, dementia, cancer, autoimmune diseases, pain syndromes, and other health problems
  • FOOD, FADS, AND FASTING:  What IS the healthiest food consumption?  How often should we eat?  EFFECTIVE weight loss strategies.  Experience healthy food.
  • AGING: Why we age faster than we should and how we can slow the process.
  • FITNESS:  The most effective and efficient movement strategies – for all ages / levels
  • YOUR SELF-IMAGE and SELF-LIMITING BELIEFS:  The Ruler of Your Life.  How to SEE a new, improved YOU!
  • EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING:  The causes and cure of stress and negative emotions
  • MINDFULNESS MEDITATION:  Paying a visit to yourself.  It’s more that you THINK
  • SPIRITUAL WELLNESS/INNER PEACE: Finding the calm in all storms of life
  • SUPPLEMENTS:  What helps?  What harms? 
  • YOUR MISSION IN LIFE:  Defining Your Life’s Purpose
  • WOMEN’S HEALTH:  What all women need to know to maximize well-being
  • RITUALS RULE: What needs to be added? Eliminated


While this immersion will contain the latest in wellness information, it’s all about creating a greater AWARENESS of our TRUE SELF, AMAZING POTENTIAL, AND STRATEGIES TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.  You may be asking: “Is this for me?”  The answer: YES!  NONE of us are that amazing version we were created to BE.  My guarantee:  This immersion will elevate you to that next level of health and happiness.  We can ALL benefit!



Get Ready for the Experience of a Lifetime!  See ya at Cedarbrake!


Patricia J. Sulak, MD

Co-Founder, Living WELL Aware LLC