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June 2022 Newsletter



Hello LWA Seekers of Greater Wellness!  

Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner followed by June. It’s summertime!  Many are planning vacations.  Question:  Are you “prepared” for the many encounters you will have today, tomorrow, next month, with all the people with whom you will be interacting?  It’s important that we not only assess what we pack in our suitcase, but what attitudes and emotions we are “carrying” with us each and every day?  As human beings, we are wired to MIRROR the emotions and behaviors of others.


Have you ever been in a group where someone starts complaining about something and before long, everyone in the group is complaining!  The negative energy is contagious.  Think of mood and emotions as being positive or negative.  Example:  Minus 10 would be extremely negative energy with anxiety, depression, or irritability.  The Ego is in control and things are NOT going as we think they should.  Plus 10 would be extremely positive, full of peace and joy, in the Sage/Inner Spirit, looking for the gifts and opportunities in life events, even if challenging.  


Here is what’s really cool.  We actually have mirror neurons in our brain that cause us to unconsciously mirror and mimic the emotions and actions of the person with whom we are interacting. That's why both positive and negative energies are contagious. If you are in a negative energy state while interacting with someone, you are more likely to shift that person towards negative energy.  If you are in a positive energy state, you are more likely to shift them towards more positivity. 


While there are no guarantees, think about this:  What if you are dealing with someone who is in a very negative energy state, say a minus 7.  You make a decision to help them by being in a positive state, say a plus 7.  You may not be able to get them to your plus 7, but you might be able to get them to a minus 2 or better. That would still be a great improvement, helping them deal with their situation a bit more effectively.  You are not adding fuel to their negative fire.  You are dampening the fire.


WARNING!  Misery loves company.  Don’t be hijacked.   Don’t let their Ego and its negativity fire up your Ego, pushing you both into deeper negativity.  This is a party you don’t want to attend:  The Pity Party!   The Point: We have the ability to shift other people towards more positivity or more negativity, depending on how strongly positive or negative our own energy is.   Just like we can exercise routinely to be physically fit, we can practice positivity to be emotionally fit.  For example, I often know I am going to encounter people who are routinely in a negative state.  In the past, I would try to avoid these people or just agonize being around them.  Not a setup for happiness!  I eventually discovered that they were not the problem. I was the problem, living in my Ego!  I told myself:  Why not use this as an opportunity to practice being more empathetic, understanding, even helpful?  It works!  It’s all about turning obstacles into opportunities, helping us and others deal with life challenges.  


BEWARE!  Unfortunately, there are some people that can be toxic, living in an angry, even hateful state.  Your Inner Spirit / Sage may not be able to help them.  That’s OK.  Again, the point is to NOT be hijacked by their extremely negative state.  We can still have empathy and compassion for them and the life circumstances and genetics that have combined to make them feel and act the way they do.  Yes, it’s difficult, but let’s make it a priority to assess what IS under our control - OUR thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and importantly, what is NOT under our control – THEIR thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


It’s not just our emotions that are mirrored, it’s all our behaviors.   As we are traveling the Living WELL Aware journey, people are watching us.  Let’s try to be an example in all our actions, such as assessing our physical activity, food choices, financial decisions, relationship interactions, opportunities for personal growth, volunteering, and so many other things we do each day.  The stronger our Inner Spirit / Sage, the greater capacity for us to have the amazing life we were created to have, all the while helping others in the same direction.  In this state Life is Beautiful.  We ARE living WELL aware!


LADIES:  JOIN US for LWA at Cedarbrake Retreat Center July 29-31!

Don’t miss this LWA wellness conference where the atmosphere will be positive and contagious.  Seating is limited at the retreat center.  

To register online go to Products/Registration or to pay by check or Venmo, contact Gabe at   All aspects of wellness will be discussed including issues specific to women.  Guest speakers include a talented yoga instructor (for all levels), a sought-after spiritual director, and an amazing physical therapist, all known by many for their amazing abilities. 


LWA 2022 Yearlong Program: JUNE Monthly Webinar will be June 14 at 6:30pm.  Topic: Hot / Cold Therapies:  Are There Benefits?  Dr. Waxman will discuss the data and what to consider.  Join the LWA 2022 Yearlong Group!  Ladies, if you register for LWA at Cedarbrake, contact Gabe for a special rate for LWA 2022 Yearlong Program.


 Living WELL Aware:  My Choices, My Life – The Guide to Adolescent Health 

THANKS to the many school districts throughout Texas who implemented our adolescent wellness and health curriculum this year.  There is nothing else like it out there, with components for parents and school employees.  Check out the Adolescent Wellness tab of and view our brief info videos.  Contact Gabe for more info.  


Remember the LWA 2022 Thought of the YEAR:  Take care of yourself as if everything else depends on it – because it does!  



We love hearing from you. 



THANKS for traveling with us. 

Patsy and Jeff


Patricia J. Sulak, MD

Jeffrey A. Waxman, MD