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October 2022 Newsletter

Oct 2022


Hello LWA Seekers of Greater Well-BEing!

Dr. Sulak here.  This OCTOBER newsletter is brought to you by the letter “E” with two important E words.  At the beginning of the year, I decided my Word of the Year was going to be EMPATHY.  WHY? I can find myself being so judgmental – YES, my ever-present EGO can be the dominant force telling me things should be my way, people shouldn’t do certain things, “this” shouldn’t be happening, etc. etc. etc.  I can get into a contracted, not-dealing-with-reality state of mind created by my Ego/Survival Brain.  The Goal: Allow the Inner Spirit/Sage to lead the way where Life Is Beautiful.  It doesn’t mean I agree with what’s happening, and I’m just going to sit there and do nothing.  It means I’m trying to be more compassionate and understanding, leading to better ways of dealing with situations.  Which leads me to another important “E” word:  


EQUANIMITY.  While this may seem like a high dollar word, it makes sense when broken down.  It’s derived from the word “equal” meaning “level” or “with even mind.” It denotes mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in difficult situations but also to life in general.  We can find ourselves being frustrated, even suffering, with not only unexpected, challenging circumstances, but also life’s “duties” – those boring day-to-day things that we find not so enjoyable but necessary. You know what I mean. Things such as paying the bills, getting the paperwork done, cleaning up the kitchen, going to the grocery store, washing the car, and so forth.  


The Answer:  We need an immersion in AWARENESS!  It’s all about MINDFULNESS – our ability to REFLECT, not REACT, to our thoughts.  HOW?  We need to frequently turn the world off, stop the busyness, and Pay a Visit to Ourselves.  FREQUENTLY!  A SERIOUS visit to ourselves, our Inner Spirit / Sage, that has the answers.  I’m amazed at how “smart” we think we are while not having a clue as to the true source of our difficulties and the amazing array of possible solutions to our “perceived” problems.  


It's so easy for us to focus on the “issues” of other people and life events beyond our control.  My Goal:  I’m going to spend the rest of my life trying to get to know the most important person in my life:  ME!  I have to live with me 24/7.  It just makes sense that I need to continually pay a visit to myself, questioning long-held negative beliefs that are not serving me or others well, questioning my B S (Belief System).  I also need to focus on the 3 realities of life:

  • Our earthly existence is temporary.  The answer: Enjoy where I am at this moment. Right now, I have everything I need.  Live in a state of gratitude.  There is SO much for all of us be grateful for, why not live there every day.
  • I’m not in control of most of life events.  The answer: Deal with reality and pursue what I am in control of – which is SO much.  There is always something we can do to make a situation better.  Let’s focus on that – in a state of gratitude!  Look for the opportunities in the obstacles of life.
  • I’m not perfect and neither is anyone else.  The answer: Empathy, Equanimity – toward others, ourselves, and life events.  The goal to a fulfilling life:  PROGRESS in becoming the incredible version of which we are capable and living a fulfilling life of peace and joy.


Jeff and I are currently completing a course, immersing ourselves in techniques of greater awareness to lead a healthier, happier, more creative, productive, and fulfilling life – and are excited to share this with you.  We will be taking AWARENESS/MINDFULNESS to a higher level in the upcoming webinar series.  After a discussion on the Wellness Topic of The Week followed by pearls on one of the LWA Essential Elements to Health and Happiness, we will conclude every session with tips on obtaining greater awareness along with a meditation and or breathing technique.  It’s all about getting to know ourselves better.  It’s about Living WELL Aware.




JOIN US for the next updated weekly webinar series beginning Tuesday October 4 with completion by the end of December.  We are taking Living WELL Aware to a HIGHER level with updated information and a greater focus on living a life of peace and joy as we elevate our well-BEing and those we encounter.  End 2022 a better version of yourself in all aspects of wellness!   



THANKS to HighCare Health / Healthcare Highways for traveling the journey with us.  We are honored to spend time with you weekly at noon for an hour of wellness.  Let’s continue the journey.


THANKS to EOAC of Waco for joining Living WELL Aware.  We’re loving spending time with you each week for Wednesday Wellness!  See ya this week!


THANKS to NPACE!  It was an honor presenting to Nurse Practitioners this month in Dana Point California.  Thanks to NPACE for making NP wellness a priority.  You Rock! ONWARD!


THANKS to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  We are looking forward to speaking to physicians at the annual district meeting in Asheville NC this week.  Let’s lead by example! 





Patricia J. Sulak, MD