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Dec 2022 Newsletter




Hello LWA Seekers of Greater Well-BEing!

I absolutely love this time of year. ‘Tis the season for even more gatherings with family and friends.  Jeff and I are blessed to be surrounded by so many loving people who desire to travel life’s journey with us.  THANK YOU for inviting us into your life, allowing us to get to know you better and share life’s ups and downs.  While it’s also the time of the year for GIVING, it’s also a great time of the year to:  

WISH for what YOU want.  But, as the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for!”  We can focus on all the material things we want to HAVE, then have to DO so much to get them.  We may then BE someone that is not our true self – an IMPOSTER

Let’s all take our WISH LIST to a “higher” level and envision, wish, DREAM to BE the person we were uniquely created to BE, then DO what is necessary, allowing us to HAVE a life of abundance.  I’m convinced we were meant to have a life of peace, joy, and fulfillment.   STEP ONE:  Search for that inner voice that has all the answers.  (NOTE:  Many of you may refer to this voice as the Holy Spirit.)  What is that for you? Will it be someone who chooses to:

  • be physically fit, vibrant?
  • be calm in a crisis?  
  • take talents to the next level?
  • spend money wisely and stay within their means?  
  • deepen relationships with friends and family? 
  • ?????

 If we truly focus on that Inner Spirit inside all of us, full of Gratitude, Contribution, and possibilities for Growth, we will know the person we were meant to BE, and we will know what we are called to DO.  We will discover that we HAVE everything we need.  

During this joyous season, wish for personal PEACE and JOY!  See yourself at peace with life events beyond your control, at peace with difficult people and situations, at peace with your imperfections and shortcomings.  Whenever I’m having a negative thought, I tell myself (quite often!): “I could have PEACE instead of this.”  I then focus on dealing with the situation with empathy and equanimity, being at peace.  It works!  Seek not only PEACE, but a life of JOY.

Give yourself an amazing gift: Peace of Mind.  It’s a choice.  Choice Wisely. Let’s continue this journey.  JOY to the World.  JOY to me and you.


MARK YOUR CALENDAR!!  As a THANK YOU, Dr. Waxman and Dr. Sulak will be conducting a FREE end of the year webinar on Wednesday December 28 at 6:30pm focusing on: KEYS to Making Lasting Changes in 2023: Strategies Proven to Work!  Check your email the day before for the Zoom link.  Everyone is invited. 


THANKS to Aldine ISD for scheduling Dr. Sulak to speak to school staff on January 5, 2023. Let’s lead by example.  Dr. Sulak is available Jan 3 or 4 for school staff development trainings.


THANKS to the Temple Daily Telegram for having Dr. Sulak as keynote speaker for Day for Women scheduled for January 28, 2023. Mark Your Calendars.  


THANKS to Baylor Scott & White Health for having Dr. Sulak as keynote speaker for the BSWH Women’s Health Fair scheduled for February 18, 2023 at BSWH in Temple.


THANKS to EOAC of Waco, Central Texas 4C, and HighCare Health/Healthcare Highways for investing in employee wellness in 2022, allowing us to conduct our private weekly wellness series for your organizations.  We look forward to future collaborations.


Does your school, business, or organization need a Wellness Awakening?  Contact Gabe Waxman, LWA Director of Operations ( to schedule a live or virtual wellness presentation or conference. It’s a game changer!



ONWARD, in Peace and Joy!


Patsy and Jeff

Patricia J. Sulak, MD

Jeffrey A. Waxman, MD