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End of 2022 Newsletter




Whom Will I BEcome?

What are THE Deciding Factors?


Hello LWA Seekers of Greater Well-BEing!


I love these questions:  When is the best time to plant a tree?  20 years ago!  When is the 2nd best time?  NOW!  


NOW IS THE TIME!  I love this time of the year.  It’s the END, allowing us to reflect and BEGIN anew.  It doesn’t matter if you have had a banner year, soaring in many areas OR life has been challenging with struggles and disappointments.  It doesn’t matter.


What matters?  Getting on track to be the person you desire to BE by doing what has been PROVEN to get you there – proven for THOUSANDS of years.  There are no new problems – they are all recycled!  AND, amazingly, there are no new answers.  


I have my list of areas of life I desire to elevate in 2023.  There is so much I have learned that will keep me on track to make it happen.  NO, it’s not willpower.  Sorry, that doesn’t work.  What DOES work?  That will be the focus of the last webinar of the year Wednesday, December 28, at 6:30pm on Zoom:  KEYS to Making Lasting Changes in 2023: Strategies Proven To Work!  Dr. Waxman and I will discuss our thoughts on doable strategies to reaching your goals. While our goals for 2023 and the rest of our lives will be different than yours, the strategies to success are the SAME.  Jeff and I will tag team our thoughts on The Top 5 Strategies to Reach YOUR Goals. It’s gonna be fun and informative!


Don’t haphazardly begin 2023 “HOPING” you will make changes.  Implement simple strategies NOW that are surprisingly effective – and life-changing.  Invest one hour this Wednesday evening to add years of greater health and happiness to your life.  Everyone is invited to join in on this end-of-the-year LWA 2022 Webinar. 


Topic: LWA 2022:  Keys to Success in 2023!
Time: Dec 28, 2022 06:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada)



THANKS to all the businesses, organizations, and schools who allowed us to be a part of your employee wellness in 2022.  We are truly grateful.


THANKS to Aldine ISD for scheduling Dr. Sulak to speak to school staff on January 5, 2023. Let’s lead by example.  Dr. Sulak is available Jan 3 or 4 for school staff development trainings.


THANKS to the Temple Daily Telegram for having Dr. Sulak as keynote speaker for Day for Women scheduled for January 28, 2023. Mark Your Calendars.  


THANKS to Baylor Scott & White Health for having Dr. Sulak as keynote speaker for the BSWH Women’s Health Fair scheduled for February 18, 2023 at BSWH in Temple.


THANKS to EOAC of Waco, Central Texas 4C, and HighCare Health/Healthcare Highways for investing in employee wellness in 2022, allowing us to conduct our private weekly wellness series for your organizations.  We look forward to future collaborations.


Does your school, business, or organization need a Wellness Awakening?  Contact Gabe Waxman, LWA Director of Operations ( to schedule a live or virtual wellness presentation or conference. It’s a game changer!



ONWARD, living WELL aware!


Patsy and Jeff

Patricia J. Sulak, MD

Jeffrey A. Waxman, MD