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February 2023 Newsletter


Life is All about



Life IS all about risks, rewards, and regrets - - the big decisions and the little decisions.  OOPS!  Correction:  

There are no “little” decisions!  Why don’t I ride motorcycles, skydive, or go mountain climbing?  The RISKS outweigh the REWARDS, and I have no REGRETS for not doing these things.  You may feel differently.  I’m OK with that.  I have wonderful friends who do them.

I’m into the highest fulfillment (REWARD) with minimal downside (RISK), living life without saying “What if I had _________. “(REGRETS)   This involves ALL our decisions.  Let’s consider something we all face daily:  food consumption.  I LOVE FOOD!  I LOVE FOOD!   I do most of the purchasing, prepping, and preparing in our home (Dr. Waxman cleans the dishes!).  Our meals are low in carbs, centered around lots of veggies and some lean meats.  Do I love cooking?  NO!  Do I hate carbs?  NO!!!!!  It’s all about risks, rewards, and regrets.  

The RISKS of eating out a lot:

  • Not as healthy ingredients as I purchase at HEB and Natural Grocers
  • Larger quantities than I need
  • Too many carb and dairy laden options
  • $$$$ more expensive

The REWARDS of cooking / eating at home:

  • Healthier ingredients, spices, herbs
  • Portion control
  • Money saving


The same is true of daily fitness, spiritual readings, and paying a visit to myself / meditation: Rewards: Priceless!  Risks: None.  Regrets: Zero.  I only have regrets when I don’t do them!  I have never said: “I wish I hadn’t worked out today.  I wish I hadn’t done my readings today.”

All our decisions matter:  how we react to situations, what we eat (at home, at social functions), our activity level, the amount of alcohol we consume, etc, etc.  Do I love a nice glass of wine?  Yes.  I’ve just decided to limit it to 2 glasses per week.  The RISKS of 2 glasses/week: minimal to none.  The REWARDS of limiting alcohol: MANY – including reduced risk of cancer to name a biggie.  The REGRETS:  Zero.  I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself.

Here’s the BIG QUESTION:  HOW do you get your fulfillment in life?  What would give you the most health, peace and joy?  The Problem:  We can worship false GODS:  food, work, over-commitment, money, alcohol, entertainment, even self-pity.  We can find ourselves not wanting optimal health, peace, and joy.  We want possessions, popularity, power, prestige.  We think the happiness is “out there” when it’s inside us, living a life of the 3 Gs:  Gratitude, Growth, and Giving.

  • Gratitude: looking for the gifts and opportunities in life’s challenges.
  • Growth:  never stopping on focusing on getting better.
  • Giving:  living a life of contribution and service - and let’s throw in forGIVING.

The REWARDS: amazing.  The RISKS: if done wisely, none.  REGRETS: zilch.

The TRUTH:  There is so much you and I can do to improve the quality and quantity of our years. The rewards are amazing, the risks minimal to none, especially compared to the costs of not implementing these strategies into our life. I’ve never regretted investing in my well-being.  And the approaches to do so keep increasing and are mind blowing - nothing short of science fiction.  They are doable – and you’re not miserable in the process! 

It starts NOW!  Big REWARDS, No RISKS, No REGRETS.  Experience life to the fullest with greater health, peace, and joy by Living WELL Aware!


NO REGRETS!   Join us for the YEARLONG LWA 2023 Program!  

The journey begins January 31.  Recordings of live webinars available to registrants.  NEW Components added to LWA 2023 – at your request – including genetic therapies, stem cells, spiritual wellness, more on meditation, meal planning, guest speakers, WEEKLY emails with the LWA Thought of the Week, and details to our approach of living WELL aware.  It’s all about living life to the fullest.  It’s about Living WELL Aware!  


LWA 2023 will include:

  • 24 webinars starting January 31, concluding December 2023
  • Weekly emails with information and thought of the week
  • Book reviews on the best in wellness
  • More discussions and meditations led by Dr. Waxman 
  • Spiritual Wellness
  • Guest speakers
  • AND, MEALS of the MONTH:  A few times a month, we will share WHAT we are eating.  We will send ingredients, instructions, and images!
  • AND, when we do a 5-day modified fast, we will send you exactly what we are eating with pics!

JOIN US!  You’ll be healthier and happier in 2023.