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March 2023 Newsletter


Hello LWA 2023 Seekers of Greater Well-BEing!

Dr. Sulak here for the weekly LWA 2023 Meaningful Mindful Moment – and the LWA Monthly Newsletter.  I decided to kill two birds with one stone.  Dr. Waxman and I are pumped as we travel with you throughout 2023.  In last week’s webinar #4 of 24 for this year, Jeff discussed the 10 Saboteurs as outlined in Positive Intelligence. We ALL have saboteurs that try to help us.  They mean well but fall way short in giving us a life of peace and joy.  If you missed the LIVE webinar, view the recording ASAP and review the detailed handouts sent with the recording link.  The first 4 webinar recordings are still available.  Which brings us to the LWA 2023 Thought of the Week:

Thought of the Week:  My #1 Saboteur is _____________.

What’s it for you?  Remember, we literally have 2 minds which function differently:  The Survival Brain / Ego and the Sage/ Inner Spirit. The better we understand our Ego’s saboteurs, the greater likelihood of making lasting life-altering changes.   We all have the JUDGE as one of our saboteurs.  We go around judging others, and ourselves, all day long.  Then there’s the Hyper-Achiever, Stickler, Controller, Hyper-Rational, Hyper-Vigilant, Avoider, Pleaser, Restless, and the VICTIM.  I know there are the Pleasers out there, trying to take care of everyone else at your own expense.  Oh yes, and the Avoiders – maybe this issue will just go away if I ignore it.  And let’s don’t forget we can all find ourselves being the Victim:

  • If only __________.
  • My life was over / ruined / never the same when __________.
  • My life would be perfect if ____________.

Don’t ignore your saboteurs.  Identify them.  Get to know them.  Depersonalize them.  They are not the real you.  They’re imposters doing a convincing job of telling you they know what’s best. The Ego is never satisfied – there’s always something else around the corner that could / should _______.  The truth:  inside all of us is the answer to all our worries, disappointments, and frustrations.   The inner spirit is loving what is, dealing with reality, looking for gifts / opportunities.  Happiness is NOW.  It’s about LWA!

Health Tip of the Week: To be healthier and happier, I’m going to eliminate / decrease _____________.

In 2022, Dr. Waxman gave up ice cream – for the whole year!  Did I mention he LOVES ice cream?  Importantly, he didn’t replace the ice cream with another high calorie dessert.  In 2017, I gave up putting stuff in my coffee during Lent.  I’m now a black coffee drinker to this day.  What’s it for you?  Chips, tortillas, bread, chocolate, alcohol, night-time snacking, sodas, sitcoms, complaining about ______, or _______.  If you don’t want to eliminate it, how about decreasing it?