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September 2023 Newsletter



We Are Always Auditioning!


Hello LWA Seekers of Greater Well-BEing!


I was listening to a video and one of the presenters made the comment: “We are always auditioning.”  So true.  We are always making some sort of impression.  In all our interactions, we create a certain type of energy (positive or negative) in our words, tone of voice, and physiology / body language.  This concept is so important we included it in our recently released adolescent health curriculum for schools:  Living WELL Aware:  My Choices, My Life.  Kids need to learn this.  It’s so IMPORTANT!  Everything we do matters:  How we:

  • respond to setbacks and challenges.  
  • take feedback and give feedback to others.
  • treat people - - ALL people.

It doesn’t matter where we are or whom we are with – our kids, grandkids, other family members, coworkers, friends, people in the store, on the street, in the elevator.  We are always auditioning.  We are creating opportunities and opening doors, or we may be closing doors.  We are present or absent to those around us.

It’s all about our attitude when we are speaking, posting, or just listening to someone.   Our ENERGY can attract or repel, move us forward or backward. How do we SHOW UP?

  • With positive energy, living in a state of gratitude, focusing on others and their lives, interested, and empathetic.


  • With negative energy, focusing on our latest “issue” at work or at home, not really listening because we are ready to one up what they are saying with our “story.”

Chances are we find ourselves in both states of energy from time to time.  But where do we 
“live” most of the time?  

A friend of mine came over recently for dinner.  Her husband had died of cancer a couple of months ago.  She walked through the door, a bundle of energy, hugged me and asked: “How ya doin? How’s your curriculum and speaking going?”   SERIOUSLY!  Her husband just died!  She is a great example of: “How you do anything is how you do everything.”  For her, no matter what the ANYTHING, she tries to be positive in everything.  It’s who she is.  She has defined her role in life – her state of well-being.      

We can all up our game, especially if we remind ourselves: “We are always auditioning.”  I personally want to up my role in this movie called:  My Life: Living WELL Aware.  I create the world with my thoughts.  I need to SEE myself at my best.  To do so, I must know what my best looks like.  When I find myself not at my best emotionally or socially (which happens more often that I like!), I can always STOP and replay that scene in my mind by Paying a Visit to Myself (with no BS: Blame/Shame).  I can “imagine” myself doing better, creating a better movie in my mind to replay in the future.  To do so, I must be living well AWARE.  

We are auditioning every day for the movie entitled:  My Life.  I love the movie produced several decades ago but still so applicable today:  It’s a Wonderful Life.  When I think it isn’t, I simply need to SEE things differently.  YES, it can be challenging for all of us to deal with reality.  But it’s even more challenging NOT doing so.  Let’s continue the journey as we PLAY OUR PART.  Let’s make a better movie.  ACTION!



THANKS to the groups who have scheduled us to speak in the upcoming months. 

- Ochsner Health, New Orleans

- EOAC of Waco

- Central Texas Christian School

- American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Houston TX

- NPACE, Phoenix AZ

- Texas A&M Dept of Engineering, College Station

- Redeemed Christian Church of God, Killeen

- Texas A&M Aggie Moms

Your school, business, organization.  Contact Us!


LWA 2023 Webinar Participants:  Webinar #20 of 24 will be TUEDAY, Sept 5 at 6:30pm on Zoom.  Dr. Waxman will provide the latest on HOT / COLD Therapies:  What Are the Benefits?  Make plans to attend LIVE!



THANKS to the many school districts who have or are set to implement the just released 6th, 7th, and 8th grade adolescent health curriculum including Killeen ISD, Belton ISD, Temple ISD, Troy ISD, Gatesville ISD, Connally ISD, Manor ISD, Taylor ISD, Boerne ISD, Lampasas ISD, Navasota ISD, Azle ISD, Cherokee ISD, Comal ISD, Comanche ISD, Shallowater ISD, Ozona Schools, Central Texas Christian School, Kirbyville ISD, Seguin ISD, Gordan ISD, Channelview ISD, Blanco ISDand many more in the approval process for 2023-2024.  The list keeps growing as more schools become aware of our easy to implement online curriculum with components for parents.  For more information about Living WELL Aware: My Choices, My Life, contact us at  to schedule a meeting. Check out the info videos at under the Adolescent Wellness TAB.   Let’s stop the epidemic of adolescent and adult health decline with doable strategies that work!  


Patricia J. Sulak, MD / Jeffrey A. Waxman, MD