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October 2023 Newslettter



Don’t run life on autopilot.

Living WELL Aware is all about living well AWARE – aware of how we react to ever-changing events, the daily decisions we make about everything - from what we eat and drink, to purchases we make, to the activities we participate in.  The Problem:  We can be living life on autopilot, running the same faulty program over and over leading to unhealthy behaviors and emotions.   

The Amazing GREAT News:  We have more power over how our brain and its circuitry operates than we were ever previously taught, than we ever dreamed possible.  Instead of automatically acting and reacting in the same predictable way, we can PAUSE before we act / react.  We can choose our next move.   The more we PRACTICE PAUSING and PONDERING our options to assess our best move, we are better able to PROCEED with an optimal choice.  

I’m LOVING this!  Rather than simply accepting what is being presented or offered to me - whether it be food, alcohol, participation in an activity, involvement in a heated discussion – I can PAUSE, PONDER, and PROCEED with what I feel brings me TRUE health and happiness.  It requires that I understand HOW my brain functions and what determines the decisions I make.  I am my PROGRAMMING which is a function of my genes and all my life events.  The more I learn about WHY I do what I do and the resultant outcomes, the more I can modify the automated neuronal pathways that are running my life leading to an improved existence.

This has been a game changer for me.  I don’t have to drink alcohol at every social event I attend - - which are many.  I can choose to decline, knowing my brain, liver, other body organs, and waist circumference will benefit from this decision.  I can choose WHAT and HOW MUCH food I eat (which I am blessed to have in overabundance) based on my body’s needs – not prior programming.  Importantly, I don’t feel like I’m sacrificing or depriving myself of anything at all! In fact, if I overindulge, I’m depriving myself of greater health and happiness.  

It’s time for an upgrade.  No, I’m not talking about the latest smart phone, watch, tablet, computer, car, appliance, etc.  I’m talking about upgrading the most incredible circuitry ever devised with its trillions of components: our brain and its intricate neural network running our life.  Our ability to rewire pathways through neurogenesis, neuroplasticity, and epigenetics for improved health, performance, creativity, productivity, peace, and fulfillment is mind-blowing, in a good way.    Jeff and I are completing several books by neuroscientists that deal with our ability and strategies to improve the daily decisions critical to our health.  This stuff works!  MUCH more on this as we complete the webinar series and into LWA 2024.

Why do we NOT want to live life on autopilot?  Why do we need to continually upgrade?  Because life is ever-changing, NOT static.  So why should our thinking, our actions, be static?  We must reprogram / rewire our operating system depending on our individual needs, our unique life circumstances, and importantly, the life we desire.  None of us are the incredible version we are capable of BEing.  We are all a work in progress and get to choose what direction our life will take – no matter what the circumstances.

What does it require?  A change in thinking.  WE ARE OUR THOUGHTS.  Let’s choose to THINK WELLNESS.  Rather than simply running some of the same old programs that do not maximally serve us (which are also often being run by people around us), we make better decisions when we choose what is best, what helps us BE the best version with the life we were created to experience, in all its vibrancy, love, peace, beauty, and wholeness.   

Everything we do matters.  We do not exist alone in this universe.  All our thoughts, feelings, and actions are projected into all of life.  We can all up what we project into the world. Just like physicians “practice” medicine, we must PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE leading our best life.  It’s not a pain.  It’s fun and exciting.  It’s a good “craving” we can all benefit from.  CRAVE WELLNESS.

We are our decisions, our choices.  Don’t delay greater well-BEing another day.   Why should you?  Why put off your amazing life?  Is there anything more important?  We create our world with our thoughts.  Let’s create a better world for ourselves and every being.  It’s about Living WELL Aware!

NOTICE:  LWA 2023 Webinar #22 of 24 will be MONDAY, October 16 at 6:30pm.  


Patricia J. Sulak, MD