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November 2023 Newsletter



Up Your Standards!


Hello LWA 2023 Seekers of Greater Well-BEing!


WHY are we where we are:  physically, emotionally, socially, financially, spiritually? Why do some of my friends have way more money than I have?  The answer: They have higher standards for the financial aspect of their lives. They are multi, multi-millionaires, even billionaires.  Their FOCUS was, or still is, on making money.  I have other friends who are earthly angels.  I can visualize a halo above their heads.  They are spiritual beings having a human experience (not human beings having an occasional spiritual experience – like most of us!).  Their focus is on others, not themselves.  They are truly amazing.  I have friends who have a vast social network.  They can’t get enough of connecting in some way.  That’s their focus.  Why do some people seem to be always happy (no matter what), while others are usually stressed, worried, complaining about something (no matter what)?  It’s their focus, their STANDARD.  Why are some people aging gracefully, staying lean, fit, and vibrant?  It’s their focus, their standard.  

I know it’s not rocket science, earth-shattering information.  But it’s the TRUTH.  At any point, you and I can dump our “story” with its excuses and UP our STANDARD in one or more areas of our lives. The examples are inspiring. There are people 

  • born into poverty who are mega rich, 
  • depressed/suicidal who now exude peace and happiness, 
  • who had serious physical disabilities who have accomplished amazing athletic feats, 
  • lonely but now have an amazing supportive network, 
  • selfish but now giving.  


How did they do it?  They changed their focus, their standard, which changed their emotions and behaviors leading to a changed environment.  They upped their STANDARD.

HOW do we do this?  That’s what Living WELL Aware will focus on as we end this series and begin LWA 2024.  It’s about awareness, full brain living, and getting out of the routine of whom we have become, aspiring to BE a better version. 


Heads up: LWA 2023 Webinar #23 will be Monday, November 6:  My Birthday!  What a great way for me to spend the day in which I began my Earthly voyage many years ago - with people who are traveling life’s journey with me, focusing on BEing their best version with the life they were created to have.  Attend LIVE and celebrate with me!  This session is open to everyone.  If you are not on the LWA 2023 list, contact Gabe at and ask to be put on the GUEST LIST to receive the Zoom link. In webinar #23, we will continue the journey on WHY we are where we are (physically, emotionally, socially, financially, spiritually) and keys to getting to the next level by using our entire brain.  

Have you viewed LWA 2023 Webinar #22?  VIEW THE RECORDING ASAP. I’m sharing the recording link with the entire LWA list as mine and Jeff’s birthday gift to everyone. LINK TO WEBINAR #22:

Passcode: ?@nzV6J$


I’ve also gotten suggestions for topics for the remaining LWA 2023 Webinars.  Yes, we will cover more on MEDITATION.  Dr Waxman will take us a bit “higher” on this issue before we end the series.  He continues to amaze me!  


Another year, another birthday, a higher standard, a better version.  Get on board!  ONWARD!


Booking into 2024!

Looking forward to being the keynote speaker at the Texas A&M Dept of Engineering Wellness Day on Oct 30 and Central Texas Area on Aging Annual Caregivers Event Nov 8. Then on to Phoenix to speak to nurse practitioners at the NPACE conference.  Dr. Waxman and I will also be traveling to New Orleans to conduct two wellness conferences for Ochsner Health.  Wellness is a HOT topic, and our goal is to elevate the well-being of individuals, businesses, organizations, and schools.  We welcome the opportunity to get you on the calendar for 2024.  CONTACT US!


Do you live in the Central Texas /DFW area?  I will be speaking Saturday morning November 4 at Beaumont Ranch in Grandview TX.  LINK TO FLYER


LWA 2023 Webinar #23:  Changed to Monday November 6 at 6:30pm CT on Zoom.

Is your area school district on the list? 

The list of school districts utilizing our new adolescent online health and wellness curriculum continues to grow! If your district is NOT on the list, have them contact us at LINK TO PDF

Schools who have used our new online easy to implement program include:  Azle, Blanco, Belton, Boerne, Cameron, Central Texas Christian School, Cherokee, Comal, Comanche, Connally, Elgin, Florence, Gatesville, Hamilton, Henderson Help Center, Killeen, LaGrange, Lampasas, Manor, Navasota, Seguin, Shallowater, Taylor, Temple, Troy, and MANY in the approval process for this year!



Patricia J. Sulak, MD / Jeffrey A. Waxman, MD