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February 2024 Newsletter



The Best You?


Hello LWA Seekers of Greater Well-BEing!


I hope 2024 is off to a great start. QUESTION:   What does the Best You look like? How do you “SEE” yourself?

  • Physically: overweight and sluggish OR vibrant and lean with lots of muscle mass?
  • Emotionally: stressed out, frustrated, worried OR calm, at peace, even during the storms of life?
  • Socially: not appreciated, focused on being “right” OR loving, compassionate and understanding?
  • Financially: wondering if you have “enough” OR at peace with finances?
  • Spiritually: guided by society and its latest “norms” OR directed by a higher power / the divine?




THE TRUTH: None of us are the amazing version we are capable of BEing, living a life of peace and joy – yes, even during the most difficult times. I personally don’t want to be the same person at the end of 2024 than I am now. There’s a better ME out there. There’s a better YOU out there. To BE it, we must SEE it, and BELIEVE it.  


Brain Function 101:  Our brain functions like an amazing GPS. Whether we realize it or not, our brain has been programmed our entire lives with our B S (our Belief System) which guides all our thinking, feeling, and actions. We ARE our B S: same B S / no change. If we question long-held harmful beliefs and “SEE” things differently, SEE ourselves differently, programming a better destination (a better version), our GPS will get us there. That’s how it works!  Importantly, like the GPS on our phones, we must not only input our destination (the BEST YOU), we need updated, correct information to navigate us to our destination safely, in record time. That’s what Living WELL Aware is all about!


Here’s the PROBLEM:  We can be so wired to feel, think, and react in left brain programmed, predictable patterns of frustration, fear, and failure, it can be difficult for us to “see” and “believe” there are better, more productive, creative, often kinder routes available to us if we use our “right” brain. There is always something (actually MANY things) we can do to make a situation better, to be a better BEing.


Here’s the ANSWER: We need to use our ENTIRE BRAIN! The right and left brains have totally different functions but are connected via a vast nerve network communicating with each other.  We need BOTH working together to engineer and maximize our earthly existence. While our left brain has helped us accomplish so many things and more so in the future, we need to understand and engage our right brain to live life to the fullest in a state of peace, joy, and fulfillment.  We really do NOT want to live life half brained!


This is FACT:  We have a choice as to which area of our brain we engage in during each and every situation. What does it require? AWARENESS! It’s all about living well AWARE. We understand our brain’s operating system (NO, you do not have to be a neuroscientist!), are AWARE of our programmed patterns that are running the show, and learn and apply strategies to greatly elevate our well-being.


Folks, this is amazing, it’s fun, it’s doable, it’s the key to taking control of our health and happiness and getting to the next level – at warp speed!  Travel the journey with us! THANKS to so many groups who have already booked us throughout 2024. CONTACT US TODAY! We all belong to groups. We welcome the opportunity to speak to members of your business, organization, school, or church. We guarantee an enlightening, informative, life-changing experience!



Contact us NOW! You’ll be glad you did.


And THANKS to everyone who attended the Living WELL Aware retreats at the beginning of the year. What a great way to start off 2024. So many of you have contacted us with changes you have implemented – with AMAZING results. You have programmed your GPS to a better version and are in route to your destination. You are definitely “seeing” things differently. Stay in touch.  



Patricia J. Sulak, MD