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March 2024 Newsletter



My Dream Life - NOW!

What does your DREAM LIFE look like?  Are you leaving something out? Think about it. We visualize and plan our dream possessions (vehicles, boats, golf clubs, jewelry, art, clothes), vacations, weekend outings. Many of you have planned your dream home or remodel, right down to details of faucets, draperies, cabinets, etc. You may have made exact plans for your business or career. 

Have you envisioned and planned for the most important aspect of your life?Your HEALTH. Doesn’t it make sense to make our health THE priority? We’ll enjoy those possessions, vacations, outings, house, etc a lot more AND a lot longer. We’ll be more productive, creative, and successful in our career or business - with less turnover, sick days, and medical expenses. We’ll live LONGER and LIVELIER having a greater lifespan and a longer healthspan – the number of years of vibrant living. 

Don’t leave out the details!  Would you hire the contractors to build or remodel your house before knowing the final design?   How could you pack for a vacation if you didn’t know exactly where you were going? Don’t leave your health to chance! DESIGN with the END in MIND! Make your health THE priority. Visualize and Plan for all aspects of your health: physical, emotional, social, financial, spiritual. When it comes to our health, there are so many things we can do to elevate our well-being, we’ll never be able to do them all. We must wisely pick and choose those strategies that are proven and doable. But first and foremost, we have to know our destination. What does “healthy” look like? That allows us to decide from the many options available on how to get there. How? That’s what Living WELL Aware is all about.

Living WELL Aware provides the framework for having members of businesses, organizations, and schools understand why they are where they are now in ALL aspects of health (physically, emotionally, socially, financially, spiritually), visualize and create the destination of their dreams, and importantly, construct a roadmap to get to that destination. We help them answer the 4 critical questions to having their dream life. This works! Here are comments from Living WELL Aware participants. LINK

Folks, Living WELL Aware is fun, doable, and the key to taking control of our health and happiness!  Travel the journey with us! THANKS to so many groups who have booked us throughout 2024. CONTACT US TODAY! We welcome the opportunity to speak to members of your school, business, organization, or church. We guarantee an enlightening, informative, life-changing experience! SPEAKER KIT PDF

Live your DREAM LIFE by Design, NOT by chance.

Contact us NOW to discuss the many options available!

´╗┐You’ll be glad you did. That’s our guarantee.

Mark Your Calendars! Dr. Sulak will be keynote speaker at the May 4, 2024 Baylor Scott & White Health Day for Women in Temple TX. It’s going to enlightening, informative, and it’s FREE. Door prizes and vendors. Register Today!



Patricia J. Sulak, MD / Jeffrey A. Waxman, MD