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June 2024 Newsletter



“…no hope left.”


Hello Seekers of Greater Well-BEing!


Drs. Sulak and Waxman here for the June newsletter. Occasionally we feel compelled to share (anonymously) one of the many courageous emails received each week. WHY do we share with you? To brag? Heck no! To inspire, give hope? YES! LWA is all about INFORMATION, IMPLEMENTATION, and yes, INSPIRATION, leading to INSTALLATION into your life. Many will be able to relate to this LWA follower and her message:


“Hello Dr. Sulak! I am so thankful for you and Living Well Aware! 

Your encouragement and valuable information have turned my life around! I am an overweight 62 year old grandma that had no hope left. I thought I would be obese for the remainder of my life. After listening to your webinars and following your suggestions, I have lost 45 pounds!! My outlook on life, exercise, and food are so different than before! I still have a large amount of weight to lose, but I will never give up thanks to you!! You and everyone with LWA work so hard to make each webinar so interesting!!!! You all make a difference in people’s lives!! Thank you, God Bless.”


We love hearing from you – the successes AND the struggles. It motivates (INSPIRES) us to continue our mission of helping participants design the life of their dreams with a doable path to make it a reality. We give the latest, scientific INFORMATION, doable IMPLEMENTATION strategies, and INSPIRATION leading to INSTALLATION into your brain’s circuitry allowing you to make long-lasting changes with ease. You add the most important “I”: IMAGINATION. You have to decide what your DREAM LIFE looks like: Physically, Emotionally, Socially, Financially, and Spiritually. Our goal is to give you the healthiest route to YOUR DESTINATION. 


LWA just keeps getting better! LWA is all about what’s happening UPSTREAM that leads to our suboptimal DOWNSTREAM existence. NONE of us are anywhere near the version we were created to BE. Rather than focusing on the medical and surgical Band-Aids to treat the epidemic of self-induced disease, LWA is all about tackling the SOURCE of our problems in ALL aspects of our lives. What other wellness program covers physical, emotional, social, financial, and spiritual well-BEing, delivered by two practicing physicians who are medical school professors, researchers, veterans, and national speakers? None! This is our passion: Discovering the best in wellness, applying it, and then teaching it to those who want to take their lives to a higher level.


THANKS to the many who have registered for LWA 2024: A Life-Changing Journey Into Optimal Wellness. The 7-month journey started in May and continues through December. Recordings of all webinars and the additional LWA Online Course are available ALL YEAR LONG. LINK TO REGISTRATION. For questions, contact Gabe at   FORWARD this newsletter to anyone you think would benefit from Living WELL Aware. Travel the journey with them!


We love hearing from you! For those that have thought about contacting us, EMAIL NOW – SEND!


ONWARD, it gets better!

Patsy and Jeff


Patricia J. Sulak, MD / Jeffrey A. Waxman, MD


LWA 2024: A Life-Changing Journey Into Optimal Wellness just started in May! The first 3 sessions are recorded along with the worksheets available to all registrants. Jump on board. Join us for a life-changing 7-month journey that concludes in December. It IS life-changing. That’s our guarantee! LINK TO INFO / REGISTRATION


THANKS to the businesses, organizations, and schools that have invited us to conduct an LWA keynote / seminar. We are truly grateful for your investment in elevating the well-being of your members. Contact us NOW to discuss the many options available! You’ll be glad you did. That’s our guarantee.


THANKS to the many school districts implementing Living WELL Aware: My Choices, My Life – The Guide to Adolescent Wellness. We continue to add to the growing list of school districts across Texas implementing our truly one-of-a-kind program. LINK to Reasons Schools Choose LWA MC ML.  And thanks to the many school districts having Dr. Sulak speak to employees this summer including Belton ISD, Killeen ISD, Temple ISD, Bartlett ISD, Karnes City ISD, Grandview ISD, Itasca ISD, and Rosebud-Lott ISD. A few dates are still available.