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July 2022 Newsletter



Hello LWA Seekers of Greater Wellness!  

Thanks for reading the LWA monthly wellness newsletter.  July is going to be a busy month, so I’m getting this newsletter out early.  It’s 2022:  6 months down, 6 months to go.  How would you describe the first 6 months of this year?  Enlightening, fulfilling, accomplishing desired goals - - or not?  Be honest – with no BS (Blame or Shame).  Maybe you’re like me.  I’ve elevated my well-being in some areas but fallen off the wellness wagon in others – big time! (Note:  Garage is still not cleaned out!)  If I’m not mindful, living in my RIGHT Brain (as so eloquently discussed in Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine), I can berate myself for what I didn’t do and forget that there are gifts in the challenges, lessons to be learned.  I also need to celebrate the things I did accomplish, even if they weren’t earth-shattering.  (Note: There is room for both cars in the garage now!)  The Problem: It all goes back to our: 

IDENTITY.  Does it appear that we can have two identities?  There’s the one that is optimistic, at peace, full of joy, compassionate.  We can all identify with this state at times, maybe when we are encouraging a child, grandchild, coworker, or friend, or when we have accomplished a goal.  We are in our RIGHT Brain, sometimes referred to as our Sage/Inner Spirit.  That part of our brain that is present to the moment, in tune with our senses.  But how often do we find ourselves in the “other” world: pessimistic, discouraged, negative, living in blame and shame, feeling inadequate?   Our LEFT Brain, our survival brain, is running the show, looking for what is wrong, recalling negatives of the past or worried about the future. 

We can “identify” with both.  We use both.  We need our RIGHT and LEFT Brains.  The question is really: Where do we live the majority of the time?  Which “identity” runs our lives?  Through our genetics and all of our decades of life experiences, we can find ourselves in an optimistic/positive state (the glass is half full) or a pessimistic/negative state (the glass is half empty).  We can literally be wired for one path or the other.  When an unexpected, unwanted event happens or when life gets too demanding or overwhelming, the superhighway path of least resistance is running the show.  Oftentimes, that can be the survival LEFT Brain just trying to keep us afloat.  All the while, the RIGHT Brain is just sitting there, saying:  Hey!  I’m over here and can fix this with a lot less stress, worry, anxiety.   

Example: Dr. Waxman was on call this weekend and found himself in the operating room for hours taking care of one surgical emergency after another, finally getting home at 1am.  When the alarm went off at 6am, he said: “I’m so glad I didn’t get any calls during the night.”  AMAZING!  Rather than complaining about having to operate all day into the night and not getting much sleep, he chose to look at things in a more positive fashion.  Over the years of immersing himself in wellness, he has rewired his thinking to work for him, not against him.  He is now able to consistently look for the gifts, the opportunities in life events - - not 100% of the time but a huge improvement.  He has developed strategies to strengthen his RIGHT Brain and let it run the show.

The GREAT News:  If we don’t like our wiring, we can reroute it!  It’s called neuroplasticity.  Where does it all start?  With the MEANING we attach to each and every event.  Meanings lead to Thoughts lead to Emotions lead to Behaviors/Actions lead to Outcomes.  You know what I’m talking about.  Certain events make you happy.  Others make you frustrated, stressed, even angry or depressed.   These emotions are wired in your brain.  What do we need to do?  We need to be aware of the meanings we are attaching to countless events which occur every day of our lives!  This leads to thoughts, and it’s our THOUGHTS that determine how we see the world and how we react to it.  It’s NOT what’s happening out there.  It’s what’s happening inside each and every one of us.    We have this false concept that external events rule our lives when the truth is we are creating our world with the meanings/thoughts we attach to things we see.

I love the saying:  I have created the world I live in - - with my thoughts.  It’s TRUE, and it IS a choice.   Happiness is an inside game, not an outside game.  I submit that we will be a lot happier and, at the same time, more productive and creative, if we are living in the present moment at peace, dealing with reality and all its challenges.  HOW do we super-charge our brain and nervous system to work for us, not against us?   That’s what Living WELL Aware is all about!  Immersing ourselves in the best strategies to reprogram our lives for greater livelihood and longevity.  Thanks to so many of you who are traveling the journey with us, participating in our life-changing webinar series and wellness conferences.  And thanks for the emails, sharing your challenges and successes!  There are 6 months to go in 2022.  What’s your destination – physically, emotionally, socially, financially, spiritually?  Make it the way you want it.  DREAM BIG!  ONWARD, Living WELL Aware! 


LADIES:  JOIN US for LWA at Cedarbrake Retreat Center July 29-31!  Registrants include nurses, real estate agents, business owners/personnel, admin/HR/directors, physicians, pharmacists, physical therapists, college students, fitness instructors (yes, they want to get healthier and happier!), teachers, ranchers, retired, moms, young adults/seniors.  Leave with a new program/wiring for greater well-being.  Seating is limited at the retreat center. A few seats are remaining.  To register online go to website  LINK  or to pay by check or Venmo, contact Gabe at   All aspects of wellness will be discussed including issues specific to women.  Guest speakers include a talented yoga instructor (for all levels), a sought-after spiritual director, and an amazing physical therapist who will help us with effective strategies to manage pain – which we will all experience. 

LWA Weekly Wellness Webinar Series:   Game On!  We will be conducting a new series with new information beginning October 4.  Ladies, if you register for LWA at Cedarbrake, it’s included in your registration!   LINK TO REGISTRATION

THANKS to BSWH for having Dr. Sulak speak at the Annual School Nurse Conference, and also for having Dr. Waxman and Dr. Sulak speak to the Dept of General Surgery on WELLNESS: Leading by Example.  We look forward to future collaborations.

THANKS to HighCare Health/Healthcare Highways for having us speak to employees.  We are looking forward to beginning the weekly webinar series this week just for you!

Gig’em!  Dr. Sulak will be speaking at the Texas A&M Annual State Diabetes Conference in Corpus Christi in July.

Thanks to the many school districts who are having Dr. Sulak speak this summer to employees.  For information, email    

Living WELL Aware:  My Choices, My Life – The Guide to Adolescent Health 

THANKS to the many school districts throughout Texas who implemented our adolescent wellness and health curriculum this year.  There is nothing else like it out there, with components for parents and school employees.  Check out the Adolescent Wellness tab of and view our brief info videos.  Contact Gabe for more info.  

Remember the LWA 2022 Thought of the YEAR:  Take care of yourself as if everything else depends on it – because it does!  

We love hearing from you. 


THANKS for traveling with us. 

Patsy and Jeff

Patricia J. Sulak, MD

Jeffrey A. Waxman, MD