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How Will You Age



How WILL you age?  It’s an important question that’s at the forefront of leading longevity research centers around the world.  At prestigious medical institutions, there is a new philosophy regarding aging:  Aging is not a natural process.  AGING IS A DISEASE!  While it’s difficult for even me as a researcher, medical school professor, and practicing physician to wrap myself around this concept, the research is intriguing and sounds almost like science fiction.  But the data on what makes us age and what makes us sick continues to grow, pointing to numerous strategies we can implement to halt DNA damage leading to disease and aging and, importantly, strategies to stimulate longevity pathways leading to a longer lifespan and healthspan – healthy years.  


Recent scientific data is helping us answer these important questions on how to effectively slow aging: 

  • What’s the best zone for exercising with passing years?  
  • What’s the ideal food consumption? What about protein restriction? 
  • Which fasting regimen stimulates stem cell production?  
  • What’s the latest on unique supplements - are they safe, and what are the benefits?  
  • How do we effectively reduce stress, a proven disease producer?  
  • What frequently used medications should be avoided? 
  • What about novel therapies that are commonly promoted?  What’s the data? 


The answers to these questions and MUCH more will be discussed in the updated LWA 2022 Webinar Series beginning October 4.


It’s the best Investment in wellness Information, Inspiration, Implementation, and Instillation into your life.  What do you have to add?  IMAGINATION!   How do you want to SEE yourself one year from now, 5 years, 10years?  


Our LAST webinar series!

Due to numerous private live and virtual speaking requests in 2023 from businesses, organizations, and schools, this is our LAST scheduled webinar series that will be open to the public.  We have so enjoyed traveling this journey with you and hope you will JOIN US as we impart the latest in wellness with our updated webinar series beginning October 4, 2022, ending the last week of December.  Can’t make all the sessions live?  No problem.  A recording of each session will be available for one week.  LINK TO INFORMATION/REGISTRATION  End 2022 focused on a greater version of yourself.  Get your family/friends to join you NOW.   It’s all about Living WELL Aware!


One Last Thought

With the passing years and decades, are you having thoughts of slowing down, getting weaker, becoming more forgetful, worrying, experiencing aches and pains, dealing with medical issues, having financial concerns?  What we THINK can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  That’s the way the MIND / BODY works.  SERIOUSLY!  The MIND thinks, the BODY makes it happen.  Why not have thoughts of getting faster, stronger, calmer, even YOUNGER?  Yes, younger! Rather than worry and frustration, how about thinking peace, joy, empathy, gratitude, abundance.  We can find ourselves blaming and shaming, becoming victims of life circumstances, creating our own prison.  Or we can question our S L B S (Self-Limiting Belief System) and free ourselves of self-induced limitations.  You ARE what you think!  Better thinking leads to better living.  Where FOCUS goes, ENERGY FLOWS!   This is EXCITING!  


EXAMPLE: I was recently talking to a friend and follower of Living WELL Aware.  She contacted me to say THANKS, as she is finding herself changing her thinking, which is leading to positive strides in her well-being. While generally upbeat and looking forward to continuing the LWA journey, she said something that I had her question.  Although she was losing weight, she said: “I know I’ll never get to my ideal weight.”  YIKES!  I helped her realize that was a self-fulfilling prophecy.  We discussed the importance of continuing to question our S L B S (self-limiting belief system).  A suboptimal vision leads to a suboptimal existence.  You may be saying: “There are no good partners out there!”  “I will always be a worry wart, anxious, or depressed.  Life will always be stressful.”  “I’ll never have enough money!”  What’s your S L B S?  What are you telling yourself that is limiting your life, even fostering the aging process?  Turn it around!  Living WELL Aware will help you Think Different.  YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK!  Why not think a life of abundance.  Think:  I’m a CHAMPION!  I’m living well AWARE!  




Patricia J. Sulak, MD

Co-Founder, Living WELL Aware LLC