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January 2023 Newsletter



Our Lives Are A MESS!




You may be thinking “My life is NOT a mess.  I’m fine.”  I beg to differ. Answer these questions: 

Do you:

  • get stressed out often?  
  • worry about finances?
  • find yourself NOT in ideal health?
  • struggle with time management?
  • have difficulties in certain relationships?
  • find _____________________ challenging?


Maybe you’re thinking: “Well, that’s normal.”  NO, it’s not!  We can buy into all sorts of limited thinking – and that’s what we have been trained to do!  We have been programmed since birth for stress, worry, disappointment, and even anger or depression when the unexpected happens or things are not going exactly as planned.  What’s another issue?  Our lives are a mess because we are not optimally managing 3 important aspects:

  • Health – physical, emotional, social, and spiritual
  • Wealth
  • Experiences – with family, friends; vacations; events


All 3 are important!  We can be so into “experiences” that we negate our health.  Or we worry about having enough money and stuff at the expense of not living with peace and joy in the present moment - - not being happy and healthy TODAY.  Tomorrow may be too late.


Question:  Would you rather be an 85-year-old billionaire or YOU?  The answer:  I’d rather be ME!  Why?  Experiences matter to me.  Even at the age of 70, there is so much I want to experience:  people, places, and all the events they encompass.  But, I want optimal health and financial peace to enjoy these experiences and not limit the life of my dreams.  


The Point:  We can find ourselves not managing these areas of our life AND getting them OUT OF ORDER.  I was recently talking to a very respected, successful billionaire businessman.  He shared with me that he had the opportunity to spend time with billionaire Sam Walton before he died of cancer at the age of 76.  Sam related to him that he would give up all his money for better health.  He died shortly after that conversation.  This billionaire commented to me: “Patsy, people aren’t going to change.  They are not going to make their health a priority.”  I disagreed with him!  Some people WILL if given the information, inspiration, and implementation strategies to do so.


The TRUTH:  There is so much you and I can do to improve the quality and quantity of our years on planet Earth. The investment to do so – MINIMAL compared to the costs of not doing so.   And the strategies to do so keep increasing and are mind blowing - nothing short of science fiction.  They are doable – and you’re not miserable in the process! 


It starts NOW!  Don’t prioritize wealth and experiences over health management.  Experience life to the fullest with financial peace and health by Living WELL Aware!


HOW?  Join us for the YEARLONG LWA 2023 Program!  The journey begins January 31 with a BONUS presentation on Wednesday January 18.  Recordings of live webinars available to registrants.  NEW Components added to LWA 2023 – at your request – including spiritual wellness, more on meditation, meal planning, guest speakers, WEEKLY emails with the LWA Thought of the Week, and details to our approach to fasting successfully.  It’s all about living life to the fullest.  It’s about Living WELL Aware!  



LWA 2023 will include:

  • 24 webinars starting January 31, concluding December 2023
  • Weekly emails with information and thought of the week
  • Book reviews on the best in wellness
  • More discussions and meditations led by Dr. Waxman 
  • Spiritual Wellness
  • Guest speakers
  • AND, MEALS of the MONTH:  A few times a month, we will share WHAT we are eating.  We will send ingredients, instructions, and images!
  • AND, when we do a 5-day modified fast, we will send you exactly what we are eating with pics!