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June 2023 Newsletter



What World do You Live In?

Hello Seekers of Greater Well-BEing!

What world DO you live in? You may be thinking: “Dr. Sulak, what are talking about? I live on planet Earth like everyone else reading this.” Yes, but where do you live mentally?  All of us need to be reminded that “WE ARE WHAT WE THINK.”  Where does this “thinking” come from?  According to the neuroanatomists, there are two sources of our thinking (“two worlds”) which lead to a different set of emotions and actions:  

  • Our Ego/Survival Brain helps us get things done and houses our fight/flight response when in perceived stressful situations.  It can also “make things up” depending on our lifelong programming creating an imposter.  This part of our brain can foster feelings of inadequacy, fear, disappointment, frustration, stress, depression – just about any negative feeling you can “think” of.  On the other side:
  • Our Inner Spirit/Sage Brain (The True SELF) deals with reality, looks more for similarities than differences, seeks to understand rather than being understood, and finds peace and joy in all life’s situations.  This part of our thinking can be underutilized, leading to a suboptimal existence.


While we will find ourselves “living” in one world or the other, we cannot live in both at the SAME time.  Our thinking, which is programmed into us over the decades of our existence through our genetics and all our life experiences, takes us into one world or the other.  The Good News:  We ALWAYS have a choice.  We can leave one world and enter the other - - in a split second.


Example:  You are at stoplight, and someone rams you from behind causing extensive car damage and giving you whiplash.  The Ego brain sees frustration, even anger: “Is this guy an idiot!  My day is ruined.”  The True Self deals with reality: “Oh, I’ve been rear ended.  I wonder why this happened.  Was this guy distracted?  I wonder how this is going to influence his day and how I can help. Maybe I should see a doctor about my neck.” 


We have a choice in EVERY situation.  I’m not making this up!   I stole this concept from multiple sources: Anthony DeMello, Leo Tolstoy, Dr. Maxwell Maltz (Psycho-Cybernetics), Viktor Frankl (Man’s Search for Meaning), Shirzad Chamine (Positive Intelligence), Dr Jill Taylor (A Stroke of Insight), and MANY others.  As a physician and a researcher, I’m always looking for data, for the science behind why we do what we do, why we are where we are (physically, emotionally, socially, financially, spiritually), and how we can reprogram our thinking and consequently our lives for an elevated well-BEing. 


One thing I know for sure:  The quality of my life is related more to the SOURCE of my thinking than actual life events.  My goal: Quiet the ever-judging Ego which can drown out the Inner Spirit.  Let the Inner Spirit direct my Ego/Survival Brain.  I’ll be happier, healthier, more creative, more productive all the while living in a state of Peace and Joy.  Where do you want to live?  You have a choice.  CHOOSE WISELY. Now, that’s Living WELL Aware!


Upcoming LWA 2023:  The next LWA 2023 webinar will be Tuesday June 6 at 6:30pm.  TOPIC: Women’s Health Update.  The June 19 webinar will focus on Stem Cell Update.  Dr. Waxman will review the available science on stem cell therapies for numerous health issues.  We had a meeting this week with an internationally acclaimed Texas A&M regenerative medicine researcher whose focus is on neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease and traumatic brain injury.  There’s LOTS out there on various forms of stem cell therapies, and Dr. Waxman will lead us through where we are now and future implications.


Is Your School District on Board?  

THANKS to the many school districts who have or are set to implement the recently released adolescent health curriculum entitled Living WELL Aware: My Choices, My Life including Killeen ISD, Belton ISD, Temple ISD, Troy ISD, Gatesville ISD, Connally ISD, Manor ISD, Taylor ISD, Boerne ISD, Lampasas ISD, Navasota ISD, Azle ISD, Cherokee ISD, Comal ISD, Comanche ISD, Shallowater ISD, Ozona Schools, and more to come in 2023-2024.  The list keeps growing as more schools become aware of our easy to implement online curriculum with components for parents covering the newly released health TEKS including the critically important topics of drug abuse, violence, bullying, trafficking, digital dangers, sexual abuse, emotional difficulties, communication skills, healthy relationships, nutrition, physical activity, and much more.  LINK FOR MORE INFO


For more information about Living WELL Aware: My Choices, My Life, contact us at  and check out the info videos at under the Adolescent Wellness TAB.   Let’s stop the epidemic of adolescent and adult health decline with doable strategies that work!  We look forward to traveling the wellness journey with you!  It’s all about Living WELL Aware for adolescents and adults!



Patricia J. Sulak, MD / Jeffrey A. Waxman, MD